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All the Benefits of Our New Tuggerah Spa

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Exciting news! Our new Tuggerah Spa is officially open and ready to offer you a range of services to complement your pre and post workout routine.

Located within Planet Fitness Tuggerah and available to our Planet Fitness Platinum members, Tuggerah Spa treatments include HydroMassage, Total Body Enhancements, and our new private spray tanning booths.

Our fabulous new facilities are waiting for you to experience and enjoy. Here is everything you need to know about our treatments and how they can benefit you and make you feel you are the healthiest version of yourself.

VersaSpa Spray Tanning Booths

Tuggerah Spa is the only Planet Fitness facility in Australia to offer private spray tanning booths to Platinum members.

For a premium tanning experience, VersaSpa has perfected the art of sunless tanning by combining rejuvenating skincare and tanning technology. The tanning solution is a blend of green & brown marine algae and eco-certified ingredients, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose.

This combination will detoxify, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, while creating the most beautiful tan. VersaSpa products are also Paraben, Gluten and Cruelty free.

The state of the art technologies of the booths at our Tuggerah Spa will also allow for a comfortable and even spray.

If you love to maintain a sun-kissed glow, our tanning booths can be used weekly! Choose your tan intensity from Light, Medium, Dark and Dark +.

HydroMassage Beds

Hydromassage beds at Tuggerah Spa Planet Fitnes

Our HydroMassage Beds at Tuggerah Spa are a convenient way to enjoy a relaxing massage – without having to get undressed.  Using pressured jets and heated water to target specific areas of your body, HydroMassage beds offer a full-body massage, and provide temporary relief from any minor aches and pains as well as muscle soreness. Enjoy a 10-minute massage as a cool-down to your workout, or pre-workout to loosen any tight muscles.

Total Body Enhancement

If you are looking at boosting your workout, our Total Body Enhancement Machine is a great way to warm up. Shaped like a tanning booth, this machine uses both red light therapy and a whole-body vibration to assist in reaching your weight loss goals. So, how do these components benefit you? Red Light Therapy emits low-light wavelengths (non-UV rays) through your skin to help reduce body fat as well as cellulite. It also aids in repairing your skin concerns and can even result in the reduction of fine lines and stretch marks.

The whole-body vibration element helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles as well as increase your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently. Try using our Total Body Enhancement booths at our Tuggerah Spa before your next workout!

Want to know more about Tuggerah Spa?

Our Tuggerah Spa facilities are available to our Platinum Members at an affordable price. If you would like to learn more about our Platinum Membership as well as the spa facilities and how you can use them, get in touch, or speak to one of our friendly staff members at Planet Fitness Gym Tuggerah.

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