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This is What Exercise Does to Your Brain

Need a little extra motivation to get to the gym this week? Well here it is – the latest research shows that exercise has major benefits for brain function. So as well as making your body feel great, a regular commitment to fitness will keep your brain happy too. Here’s how. Improved Memory Al...


The 7 Most Effective Gym Exercises You Can Do

Eager to push your gym workout to the next level and see some serious results? These are our go-to exercises for an effective, full-body workout. Weighted Squats Squats activate several major muscle groups in your lower body, namely your quads, hamstrings and glutes. When weights are added into the...


Gym Workouts – The Biggest Mistakes We See People Making

Overuse of Cardio for Weight Loss Along with increasing confidence levels and overall wellbeing, most people come to the gym to lose weight and improve their physique. But for those trying to lose weight, the most common approach we see is people jumping on the treadmill or bike for an hour. While t...