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Move Mistakes You Might be Making

When it comes to working out, are you doing it correctly? We asked our in-house fitness fanatic, Body Attack instructor and Barre Babe, Phoebe Parsons how to lunge, squat and plank correctly.   Here’s what she said…     The Lunge Correct technique: –          Neutral spine –          ...


Choosing the best workout intensity for you

What intensity should you workout at for maximum results? We unpack the types of workouts and intensities to help you choose what’s best for you. When it comes to hitting up the gym it can be difficult to know what intensity you should work at. Kim Beach is here to help us determine what’s best for...


Bottoms Up!

No matter the size of it, nobody wants a saggy bottom. Helen Tardent, owner of Emergy Pilates, author of Beautiful Pilates and host of Australia’s first Pilates show on “Aerobics Oz Style”, shows you how to give yourself the coveted Pilates bottom. The Leg Lifts – Sweep Series As you are lying on yo...