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About the Class

A set workout that you are prepped with before the session starts incorporating high intensity cardiovascular moves, incorporating heavy weights and strength. Expect burpees, running, AMRAPS, timed challenges and team work. Intermediate level of weightlifting required (to prepare for this why not try a XTrainer Session first?).

Class Type: HIIT

The word of the year, and the training style that works. No doubt about it, these classes push you to your limits. But, its only you vs you – so what are you waiting for? Get amongst the High Intensity Interval Training movement and be challenged by a mixture of strength and cardio moves. You’ll very quickly find why people go back for more and more!

Did you know?
This form of cardio intersperses intervals of high-intensity exercise (such as sprinting) with intervals of either low-intensity exercise (such as walking at a slow pace) or complete rest. This style is a departure from continuous steady-state (slow and steady) cardio that most people do at a moderate intensity for 30-60 minutes.