SSS Spinn



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About the Class

SUPER SATURDAY SESSIONS (SSS)! Cardio training meets inspired playlists, with a variety of drills, intervals and team challenges. Climb, sprint and let the energy move you. Each bike has its own resistance dial, so it’s perfect for beginners. Your bike, your intensity, your ride. For the pro cyclist, spend some time concentrating the ride instead of the road.

Class Type: Cardio

The heart starter and sweat builders! Prepare to be challenged, yet leave feeling a million dollars – yes, endorphins are addictive! Let the trainer guide your movements and send you on a mission to torch all the calories!

Members: Please note that online bookings will no longer be available for Spinn classes.

Did you know?
Cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen your heart, increases your metabolism and stamina and even manages diseases like Diabetes! Go cardio!