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gym bag essentials

It’s much less than you think! Check out our top gym bag essentials.

 If you feel like you need to pack for a weekend getaway in order to make it to your 30-min workout - you’re doing it all wrong!  Less is more when packing for the gym.  Check out these tips below for what to bring to the gym so that you can make it in and out, totally stress-free.


Come as you are – dressed, that is! If you can, change at home or at work before you head out the door, so you won’t have to pack up workout clothes and potentially forget a must-have (hello, socks). Bonus - you can get right to your workout when you arrive.

      Sneakers- Make sure they are comfortable and supportive to your needs. There are so many styles and colors to choose from so you’ll want to try on a few pairs before buying. Remember - comfort is key! And purple is always a great color choice ;)

      Tops and bottoms - Wear what makes you smile, like your favorite band t-shirt - it will make you feel great during your workout.  Consider fabric that is lightweight and breathable.  You might want a hoodie for the start of your workout as you warm up. Check out the new Shop Planet Fitness Store for ideas.

      Under Thingies - Underwear, sports bras, and socks are the backbones of a great workout outfit.

      Headbands, elastics, hats - Whatever you like for your hair, gym hair don’t care.


Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle and keep it with you as you move throughout the club during the workout.  You’ll find drink holders on most cardio machines. An inexpensive bottle like this works great in the gym, fitting nicely into equipment drink holders. 


Music moves you! Each Planet Fitness has incredible music throughout the club, but if your own playlist keeps you motivated and moving, be sure to bring your own music device and headphones along. Bopping along to music isn’t all for fun – a study by Karageorghis in the Journal of Sports Exercise Psychology found that motivational music helps exercisers push through fatigue. Plus, an American Council on Exercise article says that music can increase endurance during a workout up to 15 percent. Pump up the volume on that! 


Sample size it! If you like a post-workout shower, keep mini bottles of your fav essentials in a clear 2-gallon plastic bag so you can pack them easily and find them quickly, without dealing with sticky spills in your gym bag. Tip: Keep your gym shower routine super simple and save the conditioning hair masks for home.



      Comb/brush (Tip: there are hair dryers in all Planet Fitness locker rooms)

      Shower cap for an on-the-go rinse off

      Shower shoes like flip flops 

5.    LOCK

You’ve got this on lock. Keep your hands free to push, pull and maybe even plank, so lock up all those items that you don’t want with you on the gym floor.  Plus, it’s a good idea to keep the floor clear of any obstacles for your fellow gym-goers. 

6.    GYM BAG

Make sure your workout is in the bag. Is your gym bag style sporty and sleek, or bedazzled and loud? However you like to make an entrance, make sure your bag is useful:

·      It should be large enough to hold everything you tote so that you don’t have to carry any extra bags, but not so large that your stuff is floating around.

·      Look for extra inside and/or outside mesh pockets to stash small items like ear pods, keys or a lock.

Here’s a great option.



Now that you know what to bring to the gym, you might be looking for workouts to help get you moving - and you’ve come to the right place!

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