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Five Best Gym Machines For Your Abs

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Do you find yourself repeating the same exercises during your core workout? While exercises like crunches and the plank are proven to be effective, sometimes, a bit of variety is needed. Many people shy away from using machines at the gym, but we are here to let you know that they are beneficial for strengthening your core. To keep your next workout a little more interesting and a lot more challenging, here are the best gym machines to use for your abs.

Power Tower

The Power Tower is a multifunctional machine that focuses on targeting your upper body. Using your bodyweight for resistance, it is one of the best gym machines for building up your core strength. The best exercise to try out on the Power Tower is the hanging leg raise or knee raise. Start with your back against the machine’s padding and your arms resting onto the ends of the parallel bars. With your legs dangling and your spine in a neutral position, lift your legs to hip height at a 90-degree angle and slowly return them to the starting position. Modify the exercises by bending your knees. Remember to stay controlled.

Cable Machine

To add some resistance and weight-based training to your workout, the Cable Machine is great for targeting all areas of your midsection. It consists of a metal frame with adjustable weights on either side of the machine and a cable pulley system. Our favourite exercise on the Cable Machine is the horizontal woodchop. Set the cable pulley to your shoulder height and take hold of the handle with both hands. With your feet shoulder width apart and arms extended, twist away from the machine and return back to the starting position. To maintain technique, make sure the weight you are using isn’t too heavy. Offering a variety of angles and attachments, it is easy to see why it is one of the best gym machines for defining your abs.

Rowing Machine

Some of the best gym machines for your abs are actually cardio-based. Rowing is a full-body workout that engages your core muscles while also burning fat in your midsection. While a traditional rowing movement is an effective exercise for your abs, the rowing machine can actually be used in a multitude of ways. Next time you’re at the gym, try a few sets of the ab rollout. Place your hands on the seat and your feet behind the rower. Slide forward in a controlled motion and return to the starting position.

best gym machines

Rowing Machine

Adjustable Sit-Up Bench

You may think that this machine can only be used for one exercise, but it is a versatile machine that challenges some of the most common bodyweight ab exercises. As one of our best gym machines, the adjustable bench allows you to manoeuvre the incline position, depending on how challenging you want your workout to be. For instance, for a more intense workout, angle the bench to a higher position. To work those lower abs, we recommend the leg raise. Lie on the bench with arms holding onto the support bar. Lift your legs straight into the air, lower your legs slowly and repeat for as many reps as you can.

Bosu Ball

While technically more a piece of equipment, the Bosu ball is one of the best gym machines for targeting both your core and balance. Half flat surface and half dome, both sides of this device can be used during your ab workout. Try an exercise like the plank with the dome side facing the floor, or use it with other gym equipment like the cable and rowing machines.

Want to Know More About our Best Gym Machines For Your Abs?

If you would like to know more about why these five machines are the best gym machines for developing your abs, speak to one of our team members at your local gym. We have personal trainers at all of our locations, including Lambton, Charlestown and Belmont, who can help you with correct technique and exercise modifications.