MTAN: Kathy & Thomas

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Meet Charlestown’s More Than a Number members, Kathy & Thomas!

How long have you known each other, and how did you meet?
K: We have worked together for the last seven years.
T: Seven years, at work.

How do you motivate each other?
K: With lots of support and laughs.
T: By making the other feel guilty. Being a positive support to each other.

What’s the best part of having a workout buddy?
K: Having someone to talk to and laugh with, plus share the sore muscles and stories with.
T: I enjoy the workout more. We can have a joke, I feel less stressed when I started at the gym. I push myself harder.

How often do you train together and what does it include?
K: We train try to five days a week, Monday to Friday. Two of these days are PT sessions with Paige, we also do a bit of cardio and weights on the other days.
T: Five days a week doing cardio and weights, with two sessions a week with Paige.

Why do you choose to train together versus training alone? What are the benefits of training together?
K: It’s more fun to train with Thomas and it keep me accountable. I have to get out of bed early and show up so I don’t let him down.
T: If it was only me training, when it’s cold or wet I could easily sleep in. Knowing I have someone waiting for me makes me get out of bed and go to the gym.

Is it difficult to find time in which you are both available? If so do you have any tips to make it work?
K: Working out before heading to work is a great start to the day and works for both of us.
T: Only when my buddy sleeps in, we normally train before work.