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Basic Weight Training – 5 Handy Hints

Are you tired of going into the gym and getting on the same bike or treadmill every day? Or is running just not really your thing? Or maybe you feel fit but you just want to look toned or get stronger? Well, perhaps it’s time you gave weights a try! Weight training has many benefits besides just try...


How Yoga Can Help Tight Hamstrings

Many of us suffer from tight hips and hamstrings. It is said that we hold a lot of negative energy in our hips and hamstrings. Opening up these areas is a great way to release that negativity. This will help to uplift your body, mind and spirit. BENEFITS OF STRETCHING YOUR HIPS & HAMSTRINGS DECR...


What Your Core Really Is and How to Strengthen It

Crunches and planks aren’t everything when it comes to core strength. If you want to strengthen your core, you need to think bigger. Your core includes all the muscles in your torso, from your shoulders down to your hips. And it does a lot more than help you sit up. Why a Weak Core Is a Liability Th...


What actually causes muscle soreness?

You’ve kick-started your morning with some stair drills or a pump class to get you moving. Half way through through those squats, you begin to feel the burn. And by the time the next morning comes around, you’re probably wincing at the fact that you may never walk (or squat) again. Sound...