Our Personal Trainers Weigh in on the Biggest Fitness Myths

Before your next workout, make sure you know which fitness facts are on the money, and which myths should be completely ignored. Our personal trainers weigh in on the biggest fitness myths here. Cardio is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight We see a lot of people who are on a mission to lose weight head...


Women Within the Weights Area

By taking a step outside of your comfort zone you can achieve amazing results. A lot of women generally feel uncomfortable or insecure when entering the free weight area of the gym. It’s certainly a common opinion. I personally know many women who feel this way when walking into the weights section;...


Gym Workouts – The Biggest Mistakes We See People Making

Overuse of Cardio for Weight Loss Along with increasing confidence levels and overall wellbeing, most people come to the gym to lose weight and improve their physique. But for those trying to lose weight, the most common approach we see is people jumping on the treadmill or bike for an hour. While t...


Women and Strength Training

How many times have women been deterred from lifting weights or strength training because of the misconception that they will end up “bulky” or “massive”? There are actually many benefits to women having a strength training routine as part of their exercise schedule.  Increasing and maintaining adeq...