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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer: Tracy McInerney

Qualifications: Cert III & IV In Fitness, Level 1 & Advanced Thump Boxing Instructor.

Specialisation: Tailoring your exercise plan to your goals and your body type. Aerobic fitness, body transformations, core strengthening and conditioning.

Favourite Quote: “Never stop learning”.

My Vision: Is to sustain and manage a very successful fitness/personal training business.

Best Achievement: My “dream” of owning my own personal training business by 2016.

Interests: Functional strength, body building, surfing, music, philosophy.

About Me: I will push you more than you would yourself, so when you faced with a difficult situation you take it on with no hesitation. To overcome fear you must have the belief that you can do it, that nothing will stop you or get in your way. “The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself.”