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What Is a Body Balance Class and Is It Right for You?

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At Planet Fitness, we offer a variety of high intensity and strength-based classes. However, we understand that this style of training does not suit everyone. If you prefer a low-impact workout that centres the body while strengthening your muscles, then we recommend trying our Body Balance Class. Here is everything you need to know about Les Mills Body Balance and why you should try it.

What Can I Expect During a Body Balance Class?

A Body Balance class is a yoga-based exercise class pre-choreographed by Les Mills that also incorporates elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. This blend of workout will ultimately improve your body as well as your mind. Our 55-minute class includes a series of stretches, moves and poses to music, and concludes with a period of relaxation and meditation. What’s great about Body Balance is that it caters to a variety of fitness levels. Your instructor will guide you with the appropriate options to suit your experience and skill.

What Are the Benefits?

It might be a low-impact class, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit your body in a number of ways. Along with increasing your core strength while lengthening and centring your body, the Body Balance class is known to improve your range of movement as well as any postural issues. For those who lead a hectic lifestyle, this class can reduce stress levels and improve your mental well-being by focusing on your breathing. If you are after a class that builds both body and mental strength, then this class is ideal for you.

Who Should Do the Class?

Our Body Balance class is perfect for everyone and anyone. If you never tried Yoga before, or you are after a less intense workout, Body Balance is a great option. For expectant mothers looking at maintaining their strength levels during their pregnancy, this class will keep you fit and your mind strong. We advise consulting your doctor before attending your first class.

Where Can I Try a Body Balance Class?

Our Body Balance class is available at our Lambton location. Bring your yoga mat and some comfortable workout gear, and start to enjoy the benefits of our class. We also offer a variety of other classes, including Pilates and Yoga. If you would like to trial a class, call us to find out more about the workout, or visit our Lambton gym to speak to one of our friendly staff members.